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Treadmill vs Rowing Machine

Treadmill vs Rowing Machine

Which One is The Best For Workout ?

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A lot of people are now faced with the decision of which is better between the treadmill and the rowing machine. These machines are being used for weight loss and are exclusively available in fitness stores all over the world. In addition to that, the battle between treadmill vs rowing machine is very much popular since these machines are both used for weight loss purposes. In case you are planning to lose weight, it is best for you to know which of the two options will offer the best solution for your needs.
To know which the winner is in the treadmill vs rowing machine battle, it is important to know first the things concerning treadmill. Basically, a treadmill is being run by a motor and has a moving platform. They say that using treadmill is a very nice exercise since this stimulates your lungs and heart to function properly in a natural way. Moreover, the treadmill just provides low impact to your back and knee muscles. Therefore, a person can use treadmill for more or less 1 hour. This also allows people to lose even more fats than the usual. The main advantage of treadmill is that it is very easy to utilize. But then, purchasing treadmill is somehow expensive.
After knowing the side of treadmill in the treadmill vs rowing machine battle, it is now the time to know in depth information about the latter option. Precisely, a rowing machine is being used in order to stimulate a motion just like boat rowing. This is one of the best equipment that you can use in order to stimulate your cardiovascular system.

The good thing about rowing machine is that it is good for the whole body. This is because of the fact that using the machine involves the major muscles in your body. This also follows that it has the capacity to burn more fats than the usual. The drawback is that this requires proper execution of the routine in order for the exercise to be effective.

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In order for you to lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories. The longer you are working out and performing your exercise routines, the higher the chance that you can achieve the desired weight that you want.


In the case of this treadmill vs rowing machine battle, the latter causes stress on your thigh and leg muscles. This is only advised to be used for a maximum of 4 times in just one week. On the other hand, treadmill can be used for about maximum of 6 times in one week, thus giving you a higher chance of losing more weight. However, rowing machine is not far behind. This is also one of the most powerful machines that you can use in order to shed fats in your body.
Overall, the battle between treadmill vs rowing machine has already been explained in details. Choosing the best one depends on your preference.

So, make the right choice now!


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